Remodel done~

Sorry, but daily pictures was just not happening. The remodel just finished this Friday and we have been working everyday since it started with an average of 12 hour days. Reason it took so long was the contractors that we had to work with. The painters took 3 days to paint the wall and didn't even finish. The electricians started running behind as the week went on and then didn't show for two days. Then the floorers we had came did two hours of work and then didn't show up for 2 more days.
As soon as all of them got their work done we were able to finish that day. Anyways, below are final pictures of the section.


hatsumi said...

For someone who doesn't like his job, you sure are proud of what you do there... ;-p

Rivers said...

Yay, shitty store looks 2% less shitty! I suppose I will come by and judge for myself one day.