Vista RTM Round 1

I picked up a copy of Vista from a friend at work yesterday and finally had enough free time to install it tonight. If anyone read my old blog you're probably familar with my beta experience with vista, which was not good.
RTM is the final release and so far its looking a hell of a lot better. Installation went well though I did need to give it some time. It went through step 1, copying files, almost instantly. But then spent 20 minutes at 0% on extracting files. Eventually it starting moving and was done installing in about 40 minutes from when I started.
Final polish is very nice. It runs a hell of a lot faster than the betas did. First thing I did when I got in was change a bunch of settings I knew I didn't need. I disabled a few services, that annoying admin nag (which is now located in security center instead of local security policies, much better) and did a bit of customizing. Behold... I found a bug... Vista will let me put the taskbar anywhere you want... except where I want it, top of my second monitor. If placed here the Pearl (new start menu) disappears.

Another annoyance, its not possible to unclutter the start menu. On XP, I have a very minimal start menu with a few programs and such. In Vista you can still remove the things you don't want... but it just leaves the rest as dead space.

That's the only immediate things I've seen. My first priority is going to be to get a crack since this copy needs to be activated even though I was told otherwise. I must say that Vista is very polished. All the graphics and effects are running fine on my computer which is pretty suprising being that its a few years old. I'll update this later on as I find more to share.

[Update 06.11.15 21:27] Ok so I was able to fix the problem with the start menu by changing my primary monitor. For right now its fine but when I start playing games it might be an issue. I was also able to find a crack that my friend who hooked me up with the copy said worked. I've also started to remove some of the bulk in Vista. On initial boot there are 45 processes running. That's fucking crazy! I just spent 15 minutes reading through exactly what was running on my computer. Atleast 10 of those were related to sharing media over a network, tablet pcs, or PDAs. I do have a PDA but I don't need to have 2 services running so that I can charge it off my computer. I haven't had a chance to restart yet to see if I broke anything, but I am currently running at 28 services which is an improvement. Also got my ram usage from 63% down to 42%.

Another positive note, while WMP11 does seem to like my id3 tags, I do love that when it changes to the next song it has a subtle little popup come out from the taskbar that show what is playing. It goes away after a few seconds and I find it serves its purpose wonderfully. Sadly it doesn't work with my iPod so I won't be migrating soon, but I want to have some positive stuff to say about it.

[Update 06.11.15 22:25] I found a great post on neowin that goes over all the processes in Vista and gives recommendations on which ones you can get rid of. After all is said and done I got it down to 22 processes.

[Update 06.11.15 11:04] Ok, I'm done for the night. I'll be putting back my XP hard drive and then going off to sleep. I'll probably play around with Vista more but I'm kind of wondering why bother. The OS is much better than when I last used it, and I'm sure that it would be possible for me to run it full time on my computer. But the question is why bother? Screw the idea of having to reinstall all my programs and tweak them to my liking. I honestly don't see anything in Vista that is worth having right now. Sure its pretty, but if I really wanted to have cool effects everywhere on my computer I'd just use WindowBlinds. After tweaked I'd say it runs just about as fast as XP. I know its new and cool, but anyone care to remind me why it is we've all been looking forward to Vista so much?

On a final note, I found another cute bug with running dual screens. Desktop icons seem to get distorted if you have your monitors offset. Not to start anything, but some of these bugs kind of remind me of the quirks that I dealt with in ME. Anyways, back to XP for now.

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