Closed Captions != Subtitles

I'm in the habit of downloading fansubbed anime. Its nice cause you get to see it months (sometimes years) before it comes out in the US. When I watch a series if I liked it I'll pick it up when it comes out in America.
I picked up Paradise Kiss vol.1 the other week and hadn't gotten around to watching it. I watched it when it aired in japan and loved it. I really had no desire to watch the US release since I had seen it more than once already. But a friend of mine is in town and I felt the need to show it to him. It was a horrible 30 minutes. Don't jump to conclusions, we were watching it in japanese. Anyone who knows me knows I hate english dubs as does most anyone I respect. However, my problem with it was the subtitles. They weren't subtitles they were close captions.
The dialog was bland and boring. I should have just watched it with the english voices on it was so painful. The whole experience made me question why I buy anime. I think its important to support good anime and that's my main reason for buying it. But if I don't feel I can watch it in its original glory then what's the point. I'm feeling guilty because I deleted the fansubs that I had watched last year. And its not like I'm looking for a reason to save money, on the contrary, I buy anime before I buy games.
Anyone else feeling the same?

FTP changes

Just a heads up to those of you who have access to my FTP. The new address is (from ip to ftp) and its now running on port 990. Old logins should work fine but if you are having trouble connecting let me know.