Music Migration

So far moving my music into Winamp has been going pretty good. I've been cleaning up a bunch of my mp3s that had bad id3s or incorrect naming. One of the things that's really been getting to me is some of the #gamemp3s releases. Our old releases have some really bad tags. They're from back in the day so we were using id3v1 which means not enough room for proper album name and titles. so I end up with "FFX Soundtrack" instead of "Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack (disc 1)". On that same note, some of the really old ones don't note different albums in the id3s so its really bad. we use to use the format %album - %artist - %filename in playlists for this reason since it allowed for longer names and a track name that implied disc number. So the sad thing about this is that since I'm a mirror for #gamemp3s I can't change any of this without invalidating the release.
Anyways, I'll deal with it. I should have it all setup the way I want in the next week. Only thing i'm concerned with is being able to setup a new plays per day list like I had in iTunes, I really liked that.

damn iTunes!

I've been using iTunes for quite a while now. I used to use winamp but when I got my iPod about 3 years ago there was no good alternatives to iTunes. iTunes has been giving me problems lately though. Biggest one is that it updates its library file whenever its done playing a song. This causes my computer to stall for 2~3 seconds. This has almost gotten me killed many times in FFXI.
I spent most of last night trying to find a way to fix it and short of deleting my library there isn't anything I can do. So I've been considering moving to another media player. Windows Media Player is out... just on principal. While its sad for me to say, Foobar is too complicated for me. I've been playing around with winamp this morning and not much has changed since I last used it, though there are some things that weren't around before that are very welcome.
However, I have another dilemma. I have put a lot of work into my iTunes library. Not only going through and cleaning up my tags, which are perfect, but also getting album art for all of them. I also have a rating system that I use and have a few playlists that I really like that are based off of that system. While I could setup something similar in winamp there I haven't been able to find a way to bring over this information from iTunes, so I would have to start over. Hopefully I'll have something figured out in the next few days.

XBox 360 Elite... NO!

Its been 2 weeks now of news sites reporting about this thing. Its so fucking stupid that I don't even know where to begin. Everything started with an article in Game Informer's (not a legitimate source of news) April (month know for pranks!) issue where they talk about a new XBox with HDMI and a 120gb hard drive. I wanna go over each of the things I've read regarding this so atleast some of you know better.
The addition of HDMI on the 360 is more than just adding a port, there's an additional chip that must be on the main board of the system. Not even a breakout box will work. If Microsoft releases a system with HDMI all of its current customer base will have no way of getting HDMI without buying the new system. While Microsoft has been know to be evil, I doubt they are going to betray their customers, and only a year after their original system's launch. Pictures of a system with HDMI have been floating around. These are old~! Back around Christmas these popped up and when Microsoft was asked about it they said that HDMI was available on some of the dev units.
Now the 120gb hard drive is a little different. If released current 360 owners would be able to upgrade without needing to buy a new system. While it may be on the way, its not because of any of the reasons I've read. People have been saying that a larger hard drive will be needed for the IPTV service which is suppose to launch later this year. When Microsoft was showing this off back at CES they said that they planned to do it all through software and that everything would be server side, so no need for a larger hard drive.
I think there was a few other bits of info that "confirm" a new system is on the way. If anyone has something to add please post a comment and if i missed something I'll go ahead and add it to the post.

GamerScore that matters

I never really got Microsoft's GamerScore on the 360. I mean, I understand it, its just that I don't get why anyone would care. The system seems totally off-balance and pointless. Example, I've logged 5000 hours into FFXI and I have gotten about 30 points. However if i got around to beating PSU's single player (about 12~20 hours) I'd get a nice 1000 points.
Sony currently doesn't have anything like a gamerscore for PS3. Last Thursday they had a firmware update that came with Folding@Home. The project's goal is to use your computer (ps3) to simulate how proteins fold. I admit that I understand very little of how the project works, but the goal of the entire thing is to help cure various diseases. As you run the program it keeps track of your contribution by giving you a score. A nice and more meaningful alternative to the 360's gamerscore.
Anyways, I know a few of the people that read this have PS3s so I'd like to point out that tonight is the first Sunday Night Foldathon. I'll be running mine tonight on my PS3 and I have my pc set to run it constantly when idle. My progress is here (currently 43% through my first unit so probably will be blank til monday around noon), and I have the PS3 at work setup as well which you can track here.

Death Note going downhill

Is anyone watching Death Note? I've been watching it since it started airing and have been enjoying it quite a bit. In fact its the only anime I'm watching right now. There has been a change in quality though since around episode 17. The mood of the show seems to have changed from dark and tense to more of a regular drama. Its even lightened up by having more jokes and humorous moments. While subtle, the animation also seems to have gone to a warmer feel. So I'm considering dropping the series from my weekly viewing. Anyone else watching and see it to? Also any suggestions on other stuff I should take a look at? Aside from Death Note all I have to look forward to is Heroes and Battlestar Galactica.