Death Note going downhill

Is anyone watching Death Note? I've been watching it since it started airing and have been enjoying it quite a bit. In fact its the only anime I'm watching right now. There has been a change in quality though since around episode 17. The mood of the show seems to have changed from dark and tense to more of a regular drama. Its even lightened up by having more jokes and humorous moments. While subtle, the animation also seems to have gone to a warmer feel. So I'm considering dropping the series from my weekly viewing. Anyone else watching and see it to? Also any suggestions on other stuff I should take a look at? Aside from Death Note all I have to look forward to is Heroes and Battlestar Galactica.

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ddaydj said...

i have considered that my feelings for the show my be because of bad fansubs. the group that out first with fansubs is full of mistranslations, gramatical errors and good old typos. i think i'm gonna hold out on the next two episodes and wait for a decent fansub to be released.