New FFXI Expansion

So new expansion was offically announced today. I know these things are always growing but they haven't finished unlocking all the content in the current expansion and they're already hyping the next? Eh, whatever.
My impression is that you'll get to time travel to before the great war and participate in events that lead up to it. I've been doing a lot of questing in the game lately so a lot of the back story is still fresh in my mind. I can say that I'm really looking forward to this. My only concern is I can see this expansion being a lot like the Promithia missions. A few new areas added and a bunch of difficult instances and battles. However they do it I'm really looking forward to the expansion's story.


Allen said...

I'm looking forward to it also. I wish the video wasn't such a teaser, most of the video is just "story so far." They'll probably add the rest of ToAU in the June update so I'm sure people will be done with it by the time WotG is released. I'm wondering how the missions will really work though... will it be all one big story or will each nation have it's own "time-traveling" line? I can't wait until school gets out and I finally have time to spend on the game again. Btw, Have you got Al'Taieu access yet?

ddaydj said...

sadly no. i've been doing quests the last few weeks, when i'm done with that i'm gonna try and work on misisons. i think we're on 5-1 right now. also need to do the last fight for zilart, and then i'm looking forward to apocolypse nigh.