I got Oridinai back into Phantasy Star Online (he use to play on the Dreamcast) a few weeks ago. He's been playing quite a bit and has got a ranger up to lv50 now. He was bummed when I told him the online servers were dead though (game did come out 5 years ago...). Anyways, I was thinking of setting up a private server so that we could play online. I already found the software to be able to do this and should be able to have it setup without too much of a hassle. Would anyone else be interested in joining in on this?


hatsumi said...

I would, but what do I need to do it? An internet connection to my Wii, I'm guessing. I CAN play my PSO on that, right? Also, we'd have to pick a specific day of the week and time. Sounds silly, but seriously, I have to schedule my social gaming. Too many friends play too many different online games, you know? Why can't we all just play ONE??? Don't answer that. I already know the answer.

ddaydj said...

pso will play on the wii but can't connect online, so you'll need a gamecube with a broadband adapter. after that i need to setup a server and i'll do a quick faq about how to connect to it (its not too difficult). i'm not sure what the availablity of gamecubes are right now. if we do decide to do this ori is gonna have to find one with a broadband adapter. he already bought a copy of pso+ (/confusion). anyways, you still have your gamecube? and do you know about rivers and kongy?