I participated in Dynamis-Windurst today. We combined forces with another Linkshell that was trying to do the run. Everything went pretty smoothly. We were able to finish the are and I got Summoner's Spats. After we killed the boss people stayed around and continued to farm for Relic gear. Well I had the misfortune of falling off the bridge during one of the fights. Gave me a chance to do some sightseeing and turned out to be for the better. About 10 minutes into my wandering around most of the alliance died. I was able to find a safe way back to where I was suppose to be and help with raising people.
Anyways, here are some pics I was able to get.


Allen said...

Congrats on your spats!! I miss Dynamis ; ; I still haven't beat Windurst. Pics are a little dark, but look very nice. Was it a glitch that put you off the bridge or can you really go off it somewhere?

ddaydj said...

dynamis tends to be dark. anyways, it was a glitch. i fell of the north side of the bridge at (J-8) while walking south. technically i fell through it. i got some other pictures but these were the best looking of the bunch.