Real Friends

I'm weird. I know I'm weird, I accept it. In fact I love it.

My friends are also aware that I am weird. Some more aware than others. As you would expect, the longer someone knows me, the more they learn about me. Some of my family is still a little confused by me at times. My friend's I've known since I worked at Software Etc I think have a pretty good grasp on the type of person I am. The people I currently work with at CompUSA, however, have no fucking clue, which is suprising cause I've known some of them for going on 3 years.

Today, I was bored. I only had one project to work on and did a pretty good job stretching it out over 8 hours considering it could have been done in under one. So I spent a good deal of the day hiding in the warehouse talking with co-workers with a similar agenda. Everyone I talk to back there is focused on getting me a girlfriend. They start out joking about it. But then seriously won't relent in trying to convince me that I need to go out with them and get laid.

My real friends (the ones that are probably reading this) tried this and understood my feelings on this long ago and have accepted it and moved on. The guys at work now haven't though. I think we spent 30 minutes talking about it. I finally told them I would go out with them next week if they would pay for drinks, which they agreed to... and then continued for another 10 minutes. Not entirely sure I'll go but I currently don't see too many reasons not to.

Anyways, I would just like to thank my real friends for accepting me for who I am and not forcing me to fit into whatever image they see fit for me.

Lucky Star

Its like the second coming of Azumanga.

Seriously, the show has the same type of humor to it but has been updated with more pop culture references and some style changes to make it unique. I originally downloaded it and brushed it off cause it has a cutsy intro and art design. But people on IRC insisted that I should watch it. The first 5 minutes is 3 of the characters talking about their favorite way to eat different kinds of food. That's it! 5 minutes! Its awesome.