Lucky Star

Its like the second coming of Azumanga.

Seriously, the show has the same type of humor to it but has been updated with more pop culture references and some style changes to make it unique. I originally downloaded it and brushed it off cause it has a cutsy intro and art design. But people on IRC insisted that I should watch it. The first 5 minutes is 3 of the characters talking about their favorite way to eat different kinds of food. That's it! 5 minutes! Its awesome.


hatsumi said...

Hmm... I'm going to trust you on this one because you're my friend. Downloading now. =P

hatsumi said...

So I finished downloading episodes 2-9 while I was sleeping. I'll watch them this weekend maybe. If it wasn't for your insisting that it's awesome, I would have pressed stop after about 5 seconds of the opening song. As for the chocolate horn, I don't really consider that it HAS a head, but I would definitely eat it from the large side to the small side. And with strawberry shortcake, I would most certainly eat the strawberry on top first in case I got too full to eat the whole thing. いちごが大好き~!

ddaydj said...

so i'm assuming you like it? the ending kind of threw me off to since it looks like just another cutsy anime.