Its like a hug!

My long goal of having 3 monitors was achieved today! 3 LG 24" monitors. I got a ATI Radeon 9250 to run the third monitor. I haven't gotten around to hooking up the game systems yet though. I'll be switching out my current 360 for one of the Premiums with HDMI as soon as we get one in. After that hookups will be something like this;

Left: HDMI-360, VGA-Computer, Component-Wii
Center: HDMI-Computer
Right: HDMI-PS3, VGA-Computer, Component-PS2

Decided to keep the PS2 around a while back for DDR and Guitar Hero.
Anyways, it is very awesome~ now I should probably look into upgrading my computer since I've had the same one for about 5 years...


hatsumi said...

Awesome! I'm going to buy a little widescreen monitor this weekend, I think. I need another monitor and I can fit a 19" next to my 17" regular if I tilt them a

I'm jealous, though. I wish I had ROOM for 3 24" monitors... ^_^

I'm definitely going to upgrade to a new 360 soon, too, but I'm waiting for hubby to bring home the new Bose 38 system... (Gotta love the borrowing system they have there for their employees...)

Allen said...

Very jealous.... I wish I could afford pretty things like that

Cozma said...

I think your setup is beautiful. The image you decided to use across the three is a nice find as well. I'm a big fan of the case, I think it's a Lian Li, but can't be sure without further inspection. Thanks for sharing this post with me :)