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I'm going off on a rant so please forgive any lack of sense from here on out.

I'm pissed off over the security that my online banking requires. First it was just my bank, and now I'm having to do it for my credit card. My credit card company already requires the most complicated password I've ever had to use. My bank isn't that bad. I'm personally not concerned about people getting access to my account. They keep telling me I should change my password every month, FUCK THAT! I keep my information safe. The only way I see having a problem is if they have their own security issues...

So in addition to ridiculous passwords, they are now requiring you to do pop quizzes on your life. I usually just put bullshit answers in these cause I don't forget passwords. But they like to bring them up at random times even if you got the password right just to make sure you're you. I already got locked out of my bank account and had to call to get it reactivated. So these questions now that I've actually read them, SUCK!

They are suppose to be questions that only you would know, I don't know any of them. Lets go through an example:

What was the color of your first car? I don't drive...

What is your paternal grandmother's first name? I don't know anyone on my dad's side of the family...

What is the name of the hospital in which you were born? ... do people seriously know this kind of thing?

In what city was your first elementary school? once again, I don't know.

I have to refresh the screen multiple times until I just the right combination of questions that I can answer all 3 and actually remember the answers.

At the end of all this my credit card can be taken and used online without any limitations, and my debit card is protected by a pathetic 4 number pin number.

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hatsumi said...

I honestly don't think all that security is to protect YOU. I think it's there to protect the bank from being SUED by you in case your identity is stolen. Also, you may not care that your finances are compromised, but most people do because it can affect their credit, thus affecting whether or not they can buy a car, buy a house, or get a gas card. Most people in the world don't live as care-free as you do. True that's their choice, but you're in the minority, not the majority. Deal with it and consider yourself lucky.

Back to the issue at hand, though... My mom's bank's customer service suggested to her that you just put the same answer in ALL your questions. It's a computer, after all, so it doesn't matter that the model of your first car is Pineapple. The hospital is Pineapple.

And yes, a LOT people know the hospital they were born in. I was born at the Kapiolani Women's & Children's Hospital.