Raspberry Comet [Update]

We've been playing Rock Band a lot lately. I've been keeping an eye on our leaderboard position and was really excited to see that after playing tonight we've gotten into the top 100!!! Our usually roster is me on Vocals and Bass, Shai on Lead Guitar, and SixVi6 on Drums. Hopefully we can hold it and maybe move closer to the top!

Update: Sadly we weren't able to hold our #99 spot, but we aren't doing too bad at #111 right now. Here's some of our current rankings.

Band by Song #111 @ 14,747,489
Band by Fans #151 @ 612,000

Green Grass and High Tides #9 @ 938,632
Dani California #101 @ 632,759
Creep #30 @ 588,963
Celebrity Skin #3 @ 569,367
Seven #8 @ 538,788

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