My desk is naked!

After 5 months of having to deal with Assurant Group to get my monitors replaced, I finally got them to send me a check. So I went out shopping today and was able to pick up one of the 3 monitors I was looking for. The thing has so many connections on it I found I didn't have an immediate need for the 2nd and 3rd monitor (I've only had the middle one turned on the last few months to save power). So after I got everything hooked up and moved the old ones to my room, this is all that I was left with. So new monitor is a Samsung T240HD and has all the same inputs I had before plus a dedicated DVI port and a second HDMI. The left and right monitor is going to be a Samsung T240 which is the same monitor but with DVI, VGA, and HDMI connections only. We did a lot of shopping around today but it looks like nowhere on island sells them so I'll be ordering online.

In other tech news, I got a new phone, a G1. It is so awesome~ having internet while I'm out of the house is cool enough but then having seemless access to all of Google's apps is even better. Plus there are some amazing programs available for it. One of them I was using today I was able to search for a product and then it told me what places in the area where selling it or how much I could find it for online. Its actually what led me to the store that ended up having this monitor.

Also, I'm going to be selling my old monitors. I already have a post on craigslist, but if anyone is interested in buying one let me know and I'll have a discounted price.

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