Internet Pizza!

I've always been pissed off that you can't order pizza online here. Any time I visit one of the websites they always say online ordering isn't available. They won't even give a menu since Hawaii has some insane prices. Well it turns out I've been wrong... you can order pizza online, they just have a different website. So I was very happy that I could see the prices of things I was ordering before I actually ordered it. Even better was that I could see all the deals they had and figure out which one I wanted. This resulted in the following conversation with a friend online.
me: i found how to order pizza online
friend: nice
[talking about Saw movies for a bit]
me: anyways, pizza, online, i must order it
friend: okie
me: you're in school, figure this out
friend: what? look it up?
me: what's the area of a 12" pizza, minus the area of a 14" pizza
friend: woah
me: how do you get the area of a circle?
friend: idk geometry man D:
im learning it now
me: :/
so you don't know about circles?
friend: not really...
me: lame
i'll ask google
area = pi * radius ^ 2
so the radius of a 12" pizza would be 6
friend: yep yep
ik radius :D
me: 113.09 = 12" pizza area
153.93 = 14" pizza area
friend: woah. mk
me: so in percentage, how much bigger is 14" pizza?
friend: why are you trying to figure this out?
me: to see if large pizza is worth the increased price
we're doing math to order pizza
friend: wow, nice
idk how to figure this out tho D:
me: ok, so 14" pizza is 36% bigger than 12" pizza
its actually easy
friend: thats worth it then
me: 14"/12"
friend: sry, im looking at game trailers
me: well no, we gotta look at price now
friend: oh okay...
me: so 14" pizza is 21.99, and 12" pizza is 17.99
which means 14" pizza costs 22% more than 12" pizza, but provides 36% more pizza
so, large pizza is a better deal
yay math!
friend: hooray
me: this is why you need geometry and algebra
other maths, not so much
friend: haha
me: now to figure out how many to buy...
cause first pizza is regular price, but after that is 6$
this is not so much a math problem, but a how much do i want to spent vs how much my fridge can handle
... and how long do i wanna eat pizza
friend: lol
me: 2 is probably good
hmm... i found other sales
friend: haha
me: this is why i want to order pizza online
you do this over the phone and they hang up
friend: haha
me: i find the awesome sale! 20$ off!
friend: NICE!

So pizza shows up and I share my excitement with the delivery guy that I can order pizza online. He says 'Oh yeah? I've tried to do it before but it always says its not available', I then share with him the alternate website. Taking my pizza inside I discover the web address in nice big text on the front of the box... whatever, I have my pizza ^^


hatsumi said...

You're an asshole.

Allen said...

First time checking your site in a long time and get this awesome story lol~! Much love to math ^^ I'm taking precalculus right now and it's crazy. Hope you are doing well Dan. I'm off to get some pizza :)