Why I won't be playing Aion

For the last few months many people have been telling me how great and wonderful Aion is. Typical new MMO hype. I didn't know anything about the game until it had gone into closed beta and by that time I had no chance to get in anymore. So with the game being released in the US later this month, an open beta is scheduled. I was planning on trying out the game during that time to see if it was something I'd enjoy.

Using the NCsoft Launcher I was able to download and patch the game so I'd be ready when the servers went online to play. When I tried to launch it, it went and started installing GameGuard. My virus scanner starts freaking out, saying that an application is trying to install in a stealth manner and asking if it should be allowed. I go ahead and allow it and then get a few more warnings about suspicious drivers and services being installed. When all was done, Aion ended up not starting because of an error from GameGuard.

So I spent a few days trying to figure out what the problem was and traced it back to my security software probably causing problems (even though I was still letting GameGuard do whatever it wanted to my system). So I went to uninstall it and reinstall with my security software disabled, but the folder wouldn't delete. Taking a look at what files were in use, GameGuard had attached itself to every single process on my computer. It was impossible for me to just delete. I renamed the DLL it was using to hook to processes and then rebooted and was able to delete it. So I disabled my security software completely and trying launching Aion again which began reinstalling GameGuard. After all that I still got the same error and the game wouldn't launch. So I decided it wasn't worth it and took of Aion and GameGuard and re-enabled my system security.

I understand the need to prevent people from cheating in online games but I honestly think that GameGuard goes too far.


hatsumi said...


If human beings weren't pathetic and stupid, prone to cheating and being just overall evil, things like Gameguard wouldn't be necessary. I agree that Gameguard goes too far, though. Still, similar to the idea that I buy a game console based on the games and not on some other hype, if I want to play a game, I'll try to find a way to play it.

Be happy in the knowledge that you are superior to the rest of the universe. Also, knowing you, I think you enjoy having a "reason" to not play something that everyone says is good, just so you can not play it and justify yourself. ;-)

ddaydj said...

I have a very different view of it. I see myself as part of the reason why things like this happen since I use Windower on FFXI.

hatsumi said...

Yeah, your investment in FFXI definitely makes a huge difference. ^_^

And of course, I'm just a little salty that you won't be playing Aion with me. ;-)