Put My Games Folder in its Place

On XP and earlier Windows OSes, all your files went in My Documents. In there you had My Music, My Pictures, etc. In Vista and forward your user folder has been rearranged so that each of those has its own folder in the root of your user profile. One folder that still shows up in there though is My Games. Its a default save location for saved games that try to follow Microsoft's filing system, this folder's new home is Saved Games. While there are redirects in Windows already to point programs to UserName\My Music instead of UserName\My Documents\My Music, for some reason My Games was not given this treatment. Luckily, its pretty easy to add.

First off, rename your current My Games folder in My Documents, something like My Games.bak will be fine for now. Open up a Command Prompt and browse to your My Documents folder.

cd %userprofile%\Documents

From here, you're going to create a Junction which is like a Shortcut on the system level.

mklink /j "My Games" "%userprofile%\Saved Games"

And finally we'll remove it from sight with this command.

attrib +s +h +i "My Games" /l

Now move the contents of your My Games.bak into your Saved Games folder. From now on when a program goes to access My Games, it will use the more appropriate Saved Games folder. One note, if you will need admin privileges to do this, so if you are running cmd as another user you won't be able to use the alias %userprofile% and instead will have to type out the full path "C:\Users\".

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